Sasa is sake. Ichi is for Nipponichi (best in Japan).

The sasa part of the Sasaichi name means sake, and ichi refers to our goal of being Nipponichi (the best in Japan).
From 1919 to the present, the mark used as the face of Sasaichi Sake Brewery is decorated with a border representing the Yata no Kagami (the eight-span mirror which is one of Japan’s three sacred treasures) and Sasaichi written in thick strokes with distinctive whiskers.
Since both the Yata no Kagami and sake have been considered sacred since ancient times, and the brewery started in the auspicious starting year of Taisho (1919), we decided to use this eight-span mirror motif.
This was also an attempt to express Sasaichi’s founding spirit striving to be number one in Japan and the Yata no Kagami to future generations.

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