Sasaichi uses brewing techniques that make the most of the natural water from Mt. Fuji and other bountiful raw materials in Yamanashi, creating prestigious, classic Japanese sake.
While Sasaichi is a premium brand of Japanese sake with aroma and flavor exceeding various famous liquors from all over the world, we also take pride in our local area, Yamanashi, and we hope that our boundless love for both Japanese sake and Yamanashi will make us something of a goodwill ambassador for both.
The gozensui used in our sake brewing comes from Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, and is one Japan’s most prominent waters. In addition to this water, we use only the highest quality and most ideally suited sake rice grown in Yamanashi, carrying out brewing using traditions passed down through our over 350-year history paired with the latest technology for further improvements. We aim to be an unrivalled brand with products 100% rooted in the lands of Yamanashi.

Sasaichi Sake Brewery is located in the Sasagomachi area of the city of Otsuki in Yamanashi Prefecture.This location is in the Kanto metropolitan area, approximately 80 km from central Tokyo.We are the only sake brewery in Otsuki, a city which prospered as a lodging town prior to the most difficult section of the Koshu Kaido road, Sasago Pass, in the past.Groundwater flowing in this area originates from Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, and the water used by Sasaichi for sake brewing comes from the melting of accumulated snow on Mt. Fuji, filtered through the soil into groundwater reservoirs over a period of decades.

The reason Sasaichi is located here in the Koshu region is to use this superb water in its brewing processes.This water has such excellent quality that there are records of the it being transported to Edo Castle for tea ceremonies.In addition, it is said the Meiji Emperor also used it as his personal gozensui for trips to Kyoto. By using this prestigious water, we are able to bring out the distinctive character of the high-quality sake rice varieties such as Yamada Nishiki and Yume Sansui brown by our contracted farmers in our brewing process.

Mass production facilities were dismantled after the 2013 production year, and the brewery returned to the traditional methods of kohji mold creation and sake mother processes. The process of kohji mold creation is undoubtedly a critical component of brewing Japanese sake, and we carry out both kohji mold and sake mother creation by hand to further elevate the quality of our brewery’s products. With a focus on traditional yamahai brewing methods that do not rely on brewed lactic acid, we have refined our techniques for creating sake mothers as a combination of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. To convert the mass production facilities to equipment for manufacturing high-quality premium sake, we proactively introduced the latest technology for essential equipment to improve brewing quality such as rice washing machines, steaming ginjo baskets which enable free release of steam, and two Sase style and Nagata style sake pressing machines, achieving a drastic increase in the quality of our brewed sake.
We use the natural Mt. Fuji groundwater discussed above, taken from our private well, combined with extravagant amounts of locally-cultivated rice varieties suited to sake production such as Yamada Nishiki and Yume Sansui which are grown for us by contracted farmers, and carefully brew our sake products by hand.
We are also sincerely devoted to the process, aiming to brew the ultimate Japanese sake.We have continually revised the fundamentals of our brewing processes, achieving a level of detail in these processes anyone can do which makes their exacting nature impossible to imitate. Through our sake, we hope to bring joy into the lives of our customers in some small way, and that is our mission at Sasaichi.

Sasaichi emphasizes food pairing above all else, and instead of putting a unique character at the forefront, we consider the role of Japanese sake as a beverage when determining its flavor. Combining the traditional forms of kohji mold and the sake mother, we emphasize a balance of aroma and flavor, maximizing the appeal of our sake as a drink to be paired with a meal. Can be enjoyed with a variety of Japanese cuisine ranging from sashimi to boiled dishes, as well as various Western cuisine.

Sasaichi uses local gozensui and sake rice cultivated in Yamanashi Prefecture for its brewing processes. These bounties from nature are fermented slowly at low temperatures, emphasizing the balance of aroma and flavor to achieving the distinctive sake of Sasaichi, which combines an expansive aroma with pure and gentle crispness, sweetness, and savory flavor in perfect balance.
This is only possibly by expressing the blessings of Otsuki, Yamanashi to the fullest, and sake brewed anywhere else could never imitate it.

The Sasaichi brand is Japanese sake produced proudly by Sasaichi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Sasaichi Sake Brewery was founded as Hanadaya in 1661. Later, the first brewer, Hisa Amano, inherited Hanadaya and changed the company name to Sasaichi Sake Brewery in 1919. In total, the brewery has a history of over 300 years. Within the name Sasaichi, sasa means sake and ichi refers to becoming Nipponichi (the best in Japan), the company mission which was imbued into the name. With the flow of the times, mass production facilities were introduced for sake production, but these were later dismantled after the 2013 production year, and the brewery returned to the traditional methods of Japanese sake brewing, including kohji mold and sake mother creation by hand. This marked a major change from mass-produced products to high-quality refined sake. Maintaining our prestige as a sake brewery in the Koshu region, we have been reborn as a new Sasaichi.